This course introduces basic java syntax as well as introduction to Object Oriented programing practices. Students will be required decompose problems into objects, methods, and attributes.

Installing Software

In general java is needed and your favorite text editor is needed.

For windows Eclipse is generally recommended, Please install Java and editor before the first day of class.

Course Format

3 – 1 hour weekly lectures. Lecture material will be exercised in assignments and the project. You are expected to read ahead and come to class with questions.

Course Schedule

Week 1 – Introduction to Computer, the Internet, and the Web
Week 2 – Introduction to Java Applications
Week 3 – Introduction to Classes and Objects
Week 4 – Control Statements
Week 5 – Methods a Deeper Look
Week 6 – Arrays
Week 7 – Classes and Objects : A Deeper Look
Week 8 – Object Oriented Programming : Inheritance
Week 9 – Object Oriented Programming : Polymorphism
Week 10 – GUI Components
Week 11 – Graphics and Java 2D
Week 12 – Exception Handling
Week 13 – Recursion
Week 14 – Searching and Sorting
Week 15 – Data Structures

Office hours

Tuesday evening lab hours are hosted by a lab assistant to answer questions on assignments and projects.

Available by email will respond in 24 hours.


Weekly assignments are due on Friday by 11:59 pm on blackboard.


A final project will be assigned mid-semester and is due finals week.


There are two exams mid-term and final exam.

Grade Rubric

Assignments  35 %
Project            30 %
Exam              15 %
Final Exam    20 %