FPGA vs Micro Controllers

It all starts in undergraduate studies. You are introduced Java or C++. You are using these programming languages on a high performance general purpose processor. The first few programs you write are performing basic arithmetic which isn’t computationally demanding. Next, you enter your senior year or your first job where you are interested in developing embedded applications. Now you have to do is decide what processing platform you want to use. (more…)

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VHDL Example : Small ALU

An Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is at the heart of any processor. The ALU is a machine, much like a washing machine, but instead of clothes or towels, soap, and water. The ALU tastes two operands, an operation code (op-code) and a clock. Just like a washing machine the ALU takes a certain amount of time to operate and the faster it works the more laundry (or calculations) get completed in a set amount of time. Here we will design a small ALU. (more…)

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