Call For Education Ideas

Call For Education Ideas – Objective

Get kids involved in solving open ended real-world problems. We need help and education ideas for getting these activities off the ground. Submit education ideas or volunteer or both today! One area we are currently looking to explore is using a raspberry pi. Some examples of how this small computer is used for educational purposes can be found hereĀ

Looking for help

Submit a short biography for consideration to our volunteer program. We are looking for teachers, programmers, and IT.


Would you like to redo an aspect of your life? Or get a better handle on the implications of a decision you already made? For example, how long will it take to pay off your student loans? How much will you end up paying? How do you minimize what you have to pay?

Maybe time management is an issue. Did you agree to too many side projects? What do you fill your time up with that distracts you from goals you have? Tasks can pop up at random that distract and derail you from what you need to get done.

Have there been projects that you’ve attempted that could have used a little more planning? Maybe some unknown-unknowns derailed the project and demotivated the work. Like cleaning the basement, which seems simple enough to start organizing the piles of stuff that has been accumulated but some time into the work it seems overwhelming and you think it will be easier to do it later.

A little planning would accomplish these tasks before starting. And how you plan on accomplishing something can be a great learning tool. There is a kid in a class room right now that doesn’t want to sit at a desk and would be more interested in solving a real problem. (Including organizing your basement) Accomplishing something not in a book but in real-life. Give them an opportunity to learn from your problem.

Children learn in many different ways. When children actively engage in an activity and talk with peers about how to accomplish the goal the lessons are longer lasting. This approach has been taken in many classrooms an example and good reference is here. However this type of learning requires more from educators and budgets. We aim to aid in this process.

Submit your Education Idea

Write up a one page description of your education idea where you identify what concepts are going to be learned (financial, time management, planning etc). What platform will the exercise use (computer simulation, activity, thought experiment etc). Also list expected outcomes (pay student loans off twice as fast, manage large blocks of time first then fit the smaller stuff in, or organization based on seasons).

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