See You at MILCOM

See you at MILCOM

I will be presenting my work on MIMO communications at this year’s MILCOM in Los Angeles. The conference is October 29-31 2018. This year is the 37th year for the conference as it continues to be the premier conference for military communications. (more…)

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Image Segmentation : K-Means Clustering Approach
Categorized image of the soccer ball on a grass field.

Image Segmentation : K-Means Clustering Approach

We mentioned in a previous post (K-Means Clustering Introduction) that the K-Means Clustering algorithm can be used to recognize a soccer ball on a soccer field. We found we could use the K-Means Clustering algorithm to identity and group similar pixels into [\latex]$k$[/latex] groups. These groups are based on the RGB values of a pixel and with a simple example we saw with a 4-pixel image it was easy to determine which pixels are similar. In this post we will demonstrate image segmentation by identifying a soccer ball on a grassy field. (more…)

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5G Physical Layer Intro

5G (fifth generation) mobile wireless communications standards are published. From the standards companies can start developing applications that adhere to the 5G standard. We will see emerging devices saying they are 5G capable. But what does that mean? Is it faster? More reliable? Do I care? Is it just some business rebranding to generate more money? To understand the answers to these questions we need to first understand the underlying technology for 5G Physical Layer wireless data transfer.


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5G Massive MIMO
Photo by Tony Stoddard on Unsplash

5G Massive MIMO

What is 5G Massive MIMO

5G or Fifth Generation mobile communications standards are out. Some wireless communications technology that is being leveraged in the standard promise to make 5G communications faster, more reliable, and more agile in tough wireless environments. 5G benefits from massive MIMO technology to provide its next generation data rates.


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FPGA vs Micro Controllers

It all starts in undergraduate studies. You are introduced Java or C++. You are using these programming languages on a high performance general purpose processor. The first few programs you write are performing basic arithmetic which isn’t computationally demanding. Next, you enter your senior year or your first job where you are interested in developing embedded applications. Now you have to do is decide what processing platform you want to use. (more…)

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Begin Learning VHDL Projects

So you’re ready to start learning VHDL but you don’t know where to start. Just getting files to compile for the first time is a good step. After that, writing code that compiles and performs as expected is a good check to ensure you can change code meaning you development environment is setup correctly. (more…)

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Call For Education Ideas

Call For Education Ideas – Objective

Get kids involved in solving open ended real-world problems. We need help and education ideas for getting these activities off the ground. Submit education ideas or volunteer or both today! One area we are currently looking to explore is using a raspberry pi. Some examples of how this small computer is used for educational purposes can be found hereĀ (more…)

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HDL Design Process and Folder Structure

HDL Design Process

The HDL design process is imperative to have when designing a complex system. When you are first starting out a HDL design process may seem to be too cumbersome when trying to get a counter to work. But when you are moving data from an ADC clock domain to a faster signal processing clock domain, performing signal processing techniques, and switching clock domains again to send the data off to its destination a HDL design process is imperative to ensure proper operation of the system. It’s good practice to follow the HDL design process laid out here to ensure your ability to handle large and complex systems. (more…)

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Getting Started with FPGA Programming for Free

Getting started in FPGA programming can be an intimidating endeavor. There are quite a few decisions to be made when starting out. These decisions may be difficult to answer for example which FPGA to buy. This guide will walk though all the initial questions one would encounter when starting FPGA development. (more…)

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